If you can dream it, we can do it in icing

A Matter of Taste’s has over 25 years of combined cake decorating experience. We have refined the taste of our heavenly icings and luscious cake to perfection. Our meticulous attention to detail will not go unnoticed. From the flavors and fillings to the sculpted accents, our cakes will excite as well as delight your guests.


Sculptured Cakes

If you can dream it, we can do it in Icing.

That has always been my motto. I have it written on the catering trailers. I carry the challenge in my heart. To date we have never turned down a customers idea because we couldn’t figure out how to do it. From alligators to monkeys, pillows, shoes, buildings, chess set, cars, purses, 6” tall totem pole and the list goes on and on.

As the potential customer there are things you need to decide on before you call.

What is my budget? You can’t expect a work of art to cost the same as a grocery store birthday cake. Pricing starts a $150.00 and can significantly go up from there. Car cakes are among the most expensive. These cakes are extremely time consuming. Average amount of time spent on a sculptured cake is 15 plus hours.

It does require a lot of artistic talent to look at a bunch of naked cakes stacked up and see the vision to carve it into someone’s dream. That’s worth something.

Is my time line realistic? Normally we need a month to plan the cake and often an infrastructure needs to be built.

So give some thought and bring me your ideas. I love a challenge.


These cake fillings are some of our personal favorites.


We can accommodate any flavor you would like. This is a selection from our most popular.


We offer 5 delectable icings, each better than the last. The Whipped Icing is our most requested.

Ready to start planning your dream cake?

If you have an questions, or would like more information about a cake for any occasion, we would love to hear from you. You can Email us from this website, or just give us a call at 717-262-2128.