Wonderful party for Ladies Socials, Bridal or Baby Showers.

Tea Party Menus are based on a fifty guest minimum.


♥ Tea Party Packages ♥


Tea Party Menu One

  • Quiche
  • Fresh Fruit including Stuffed Strawberries
  • Mixed Green Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Scone
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Mini Cream Puffs
  • Cookie Assortment



Tea Party Menu Two

  • Tea Sandwiches
  • Egg Salad on Nut Bread
  • Ham Salad on Olive Bread
  • Cucumbers stuffed with Fresh Vegetable Salad
  • Scone
  • Fresh Fruit including Stuffed Strawberries
  • Raspberry Heart Cookies
  • Palmiers
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



Tea Party Menu Three

  • Choice of two salads served on lettuce: Crab Salad, Ham Salad, Chicken & Grape Salad or Egg Salad
  • Half Pear stuffed with Waldorf Salad
  • Vegetable Garnish
  • French Baggett slice with Honey Butter
  • Scones
  • Mini Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Cups filled with Chocolate Mousse



Imperial Tea Party

  • Vegetable Garden Baskets
  • Fresh Vegetables cut into flower shapes and arranged in an eatable breadbasket. Served with a delicious dip
  • Two different Tea Sandwiches
  • Scones
  • Fresh Fruit Garnish
  • Fresh Apple Tart with Crème Anglaise
  • Teapot Cookies