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Menus with everything you are looking for, including Photos and Pricing

Our online menu contains descriptions, photographs, and even pricing. For your convenience, we provide you with 3 different menu formats. All contain the same information, but offer unique ways to help you find what you're looking for.

If you have something in mind that is not listed, we encourage you to explore that option with us. We strive to make each experience a unique and enjoyable one, so item's at your event may not be presented exactly as in a photograph on this site.

Presentation Menu:

Everything you've wanted,
and more!

Browse the pages of our traditional Presentation Menu. It's filled with everything you would want to know, about everything we have to offer.

Catering Menu with pricing, photos, and more!
Menu Tree:

Quickly find what you're searching for.

Catering Menu item index listing.

This index lists all of our menu items, and links to their locations in the Presentation Menu.


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Download our printer friendly Catering Menu.

Our complete menu in Adobe Acrobat format. This is great for downloading and printing.

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